Several local people are being recognized as heroes after an elderly man suffered a cardiac event at a youth football game on Saturday.  In a press release obtained from the Bismarck Youth Football League from Nolan Caright.  "At 10:15 am Saturday morning a medical emergency arouse at the MDU Resources Community Bowl during the Bismarck Youth Football League's opening day of the season."  An elderly gentleman from Bismarck, collapsed as he entered the fan seating area to watch his grandson's game.

Off duty Lt. Steve Johnson of the NDHP, was monitoring gate access to the seating area, when on of the fans notified him of an emergency.  Johnson ran to the victim, and determined he was having a heart attack.  Off duty Bismarck Police officer George Huff was leading his team in pre-game warm-ups, when he also rushed to the man's assistance.  A nearby fan dialed 911 while Sgt. Derek Arndt of the NDHP ran to his vehicle to obtain his Automated External Defibrillator.  Arndt's hustle enabled to to affix the AED to the victim within an estimated two minutes of his collapse.  Johnson and Huff teamed up to administer chest compressions in between AED multiple shocks.  A few other coaches and fans also assisted in the emergency response.

Additionally, off duty Bismarck Police Department officers assisted in crowd control to include calming young children who witnessed the incident.  Metro-Area Ambulance Service, along with Bismarck Police and Fire departments, arrived several minutes later and assumed control of the medical emergency and transported to a local hospital.

I pleased to tell you this story has a happy ending.  The daughter-in-law of the victim said that attending medical personnel were confident that the first-aid response of the AED and chest compressions saved his life.

Kudos to the heroic actions of these law enforcement officers!  Not only do they spend many hours volunteering as coaches and mentors with youth football, they also save lives.

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