Country music reflects real life, with many of the songs being about lovin' and leavin', falling in love, falling out of love ... and sex!

These songs' accompanying videos are enough to make you fan the flames of desire in your own life -- or, at the very least, fan your flushed face. Below are The Boot's picks for the sexiest (and steamiest) country music videos that tease and tantalize, and leave you wanting more ... than just a cold shower.

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    "Gettin' You Home"

    Chris Young

    Young's "Gettin' You Home" video stars a gorgeous brunette who spends her time getting ready for her man. She soaks in a bubble bath, shaves her luxuriously long legs and primps to her heart's content for a night out ... er, sort of. What starts off as a date night out quickly becomes a night in as her little black dress hits the floor.

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    "Come a Little Closer"

    Dierks Bentley

    "Come a little closer, baby / I feel like laying you down / On a bed of sweet surrender'' are the opening lines of "Come a Little Closer," making it entirely clear what Bentley's intentions are for the young lady. When his guitar-callused fingertips trail across her satiny skin, he sings, "Come a little closer / I feel like stripping it down," and the clothes are shed. Add "every inch of you against my skin," and we're glad these two have a room.

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    "Raining on Sunday"

    Keith Urban

    In "Raining on Sunday," the saucy Aussie Urban rolls around in bed with his lady. He's half-covered while rain beats down outside and nature's strobe light illuminates the sky -- not just sexy, but downright, off-the-charts electrifying. When that one drop of rain lands on his lover's body, that's when the clip really begins to sizzle, and the lightning storm mirrors what's going on in the bedroom.

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    "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"

    Billy Currington

    This music video contains sand, surf, palm trees and scantily-clad bodies, including the shirtless Currington, who growls through the R&B-infused tune. Enough said? Incorporate spooning, frolicking, dancing and teasing on said sand ... now, enough said!

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    "Let's Make Love"

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    McGraw and his gorgeous wife Faith Hill certainly know how to keep the spark alive, even after nearly two decades of marriage. That's why we love their "Let's Make Love" music video, which was shot in the ultra-romantic city of Paris. The video visually captures the love, commitment and sizzling chemistry between the couple, communicated through every touch, glance and kiss. Plus, the lyrics -- "Let's make love / All night long / Until all our strength is gone / Hold on tight / Just let go / I want to feel you in my soul / Until the sun comes up" -- are incredibly sultry and enough to get any heart thumping.

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    "I Melt"

    Rascal Flatts

    The Flatts' video for "I Melt" features a couple of gasp-inducing moments, especially when sexy guitarist Joe Don Rooney climbs out of bed, and the falling sheet reveals ... oooh, the first country bottom ever bared on television. However, we just saw his leading lady bare it all in the shower -- tan lines and all -- which is also something you don't see often in country videos. Lead singer Gary LeVox's scene with the brunette restaurant hostess is sexy in its simplicity, while bass player Jay DeMarcus' scene as he watches a bikini-wearing blonde at the pool from his balcony is ... a bit stalker-like.

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    Faith Hill

    The Queen of Rumpled Sheets blew the ceiling off the country music video world with her starring role in the clip for her 1999 crossover smash "Breathe." Viewers might be feeling a bit voyeuristic as they catch her in bed solo, with nothing but a thin sheet covering her woman parts, and her hair cascading over the pillow. Hill speaks to her lover as though he's right there, just out of camera range, waiting for round two.

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    Blake Shelton

    Sangria is delicious, and in Shelton's music video, it's also incredibly sexy. The singer doesn't play the lead in the video -- but that's just as well, since he has his wife Miranda Lambert to answer to at home. The video features a couple at a bar, drinking sangria, and they soon move locations to behind the closed doors of a bedroom, where they taste sangria on each other's lips and get more than a little frisky. It's Shelton's sexiest video to date and has us thirsty for sangria ... and a little romance.

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    "Burnin It Down"

    Jason Aldean

    Aldean considers his hit "Burnin' It Down" to be "baby-making music" ... and we can hear why. The sexy starts off right away -- "You slip your finger through the tear in my T-shirt / You're stirrin' up dirty in the back of my mind" are the song's opening lyrics -- and escalates from there. Plus, the video is so hot, it may set your laptop's screen on fire. Pyro, a woman who emerges from the shower and the song's slow jam set the scene. Soon, her robe is untied -- and the rest, at least for the clip's main character, is a blur.

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    "Someone Somewhere Tonight"

    Kellie Pickler

    Pickler learned plenty of dancing skills on Dancing With the Stars, and in this video, her (shirtless) dancing partner Derek Hough helps her show them off. Not only is this video beautiful and dreamy with a well-choreographed set, the dance evokes sensuality, longing and high-voltage chemistry. Though they never actually kiss in the video, and Pickler is happily married to Kyle Jacobs, it's one of country music's steamiest.

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