It was an emotional scene as employees of RJR Maintenance and Management gathered to hold a press conference. Jackie Fakler, co-owner and husband to Robert Fakler, spoke on behalf of her staff.

"Not only did we lose an owner and irreplaceable employees ... we lost some of our closest friends," Fakler said. "The entire RJR family is mourning the loss. With this being so unexpected, we wanted to thank the community for their support. It has made it easier to get through this."

Fakler also thanked law enforcement agencies and the first responders.

She concluded by sharing stories of the deceased.

"To describe these people in a few words is impossible," she said.

Adam Fuehrer was described as a quiet, family man who loved nature and spending time with his family. Fakler called Bill Cobb her late husband's long-lost brother. Cobb's wife Lois was known as a bright and cheerful person who brought joy to others. The Cobb's had just bought their "dream home farm" in December.

Lastly, Fakler paid tribute to her late husband.

"Robert — there isn't enough words to describe him," she said. "He was a monarch, he was RJR. He started all of this...If he were here right now, he'd be saying, 'Suck it up, princess. Don't waste the time on [me}.'"

RJR has elected to leave its doors open for business with the exception of April 9, when they will be closed to attend funerals for the victims.

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