If you're like me and a slacker.  You'll be glad to know that President Trump has postponed the REAL ID October deadline.  I actually tried to get my REAL ID once at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Bismarck, but the line was out the door so I decided to wait for another day.  I was wondering how that was to work in the future with COVID-19.  Well, my question has been answered.  Here's the latest information.

(NBC News) - The October 2020 deadline for compliance with the federal REAL ID program is postponed indefinitely, President Trump announced Monday.

The REAL ID Act was passed after the 9/11 attacks and sought to make all state-issued identification cards more secure with uniform national standards.

Just before the coronavirus epidemic began to sweep the United States, NBC News reported that airports warned of “chaos” if Trump did not postpone the October 2020 deadline because so few Americans had obtained the new type of identification, which usually are marked with a star on the front of the card.

Trump on Monday said the new deadline would be announced: “in a very short moment.”

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