There will be no Spring clean up week in Bismarck this year due to concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to an article in the Bismarck Tribune Bismarck city commissioners voted last night unanimously to cancel the event this year.  Instead the city will offer FREE use of the city landfill next week April 20th to April 24th.

The move was meant to protect city employees from touching appliances, furniture and other objects that could carry the COVID-19 virus.  Cancelling clean up week in Bismarck will also protect those who like to rummage through other peoples discarded items, that could also have the coronavirus lingering.

The city does not believe it could keep it's employees six feet apart during the process which is a directive from the mayor, the governor and of course the president.

Bismarck Municipal Landfill will now except your items for free during the week of April 20th to 24th.  You will have to prove you are a resident of Bismarck by bringing a water bill with you to the landfill.


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