I just about had my 16th accident in the YMCA parking lot again today.

Actually, the number is probably a lot higher than that.  It seems like it's a weekly occurrence, to be honest.  It's mostly centered around people confused about who has the right way.

It happened again today as I was entering the YMCA parking lot off Washington.  Another vehicle was leaving the parking lot as I was entering.  I reached the open intersection well in advance of her, so I had the right away right?

Well, it's a good thing I looked out of the corner of my eye as I entered the intersection, as she came screaming through it narrowly missing my truck.  I just looked on in disbelief.

So, I got on the phone with one of Bismarck's finest Law Enforcement officers to find out who's got the right away in parking lots?

He told me the same law applies at open intersections (uncontrolled intersections) inside of parking lots as it does on the city streets.  Whoever arrives at the intersection FIRST has the right way.  If you arrive at the same time, then you must yield to your right.  Basic driver's ed right?  Yet, people seem to have no idea.  Kind of like trying to remember to signal when you EXIT a roundabout.  Ha!

One other thing to keep in mind in a parking lot situation when driving. 

According to my law enforcement friend of mine, Generally, drivers entering a through lane from a parking lane are expected to yield to traffic already in the lane.

Say you're in the parking lot at Scheels, it's the responsibility of the driver backing out into the "through lane" to yield to any vehicle already in the "through lane" looking for a place to park.

Hopefully, this clears some up for some of you who really need a driver's ed "refresher". 

You know who you are.

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