You're frustrated at your job. I get frustrated with my job too. The pandemic certainly created a different mindset for most of the workforce.  Ask any local employer and they'll tell you it's hard to find people that want to work.  But what about teachers that want to continue to teach?

Increasingly, North Dakota teachers don't want to be teachers anymore.

It's not that they don't want to "teach", it's that they're growing increasingly weary of the profession. Alarming polling numbers have just been released from North Dakota United the statewide, professional union of more than 11,500 educators and public employees.

Frustration and burnout have long been complaints heard from educators.

But this year alone, poll numbers are showing a shocking increase in teachers that are considering leaving the profession altogether. In January 2022, polling results of North Dakota United's K-12 educators were released.  Those numbers showed serious problems in teachers' morale.  The results were so concerning that in August 2022, NDU decided to conduct another poll of their educators.

It's not just a trend they're seeing, it's a possible mass exodus.

The North Dakota United's Facebook page points out some of the numbers that really stood out to the organization.

• Thirty-five percent of respondents said that they were considering leaving the education profession last year and are still considering it this year.
• Of those still considering leaving their jobs, the top reasons cited were teacher burnout/additional stress, which increased by 20 points since January, from 62 percent to an astounding 82 percent; current salaries, which increased from 38 percent to 61 percent; and extra duties becoming burdensome, up from 45 percent in January to 60 percent currently.
• When asked, “What part has impacted your views on considering leaving the education profession,” 47 percent cited political discourse as a significant part, and another 31 percent said it played some part.
Political discourse regarding teachers' roles and teachers' content, litter social media. Those that are already firing it up in the comment section are the ones that never got past reading the headline of this story.  I can see how this must be frustrating to educators to be inexplicably cast as being dangerous influences on our children.

Will our future generations be educated by social media trolls?

I for one would certainly like to see more compassion and appreciation for our educators. Not every teacher is hiding their secret Critical Race Theory agenda. The vast majority would just like to enjoy the job they love.  What will soon be "critical" is the extreme need for educators to teach our kids.

According to NDU, currently shows 370 listings across the state.

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