Beware turkeys, if you become an issue in Rochester, MN, the cops will shoot you dead!

According to Bring Me The News, apparently, an aggressive turkey that has been chasing and attacking people had to be put down by the local lawmen. The bird had been charging motorist and pedestrians went too far according to local police.

The city-folks nicknamed the wild turkey Jake. He was downtown near 16th Street and would also charging at bikers and motorcycles. How can this happen? A crazed mad turkey assaulting the citizens of Rochester, MN. Something had to be done, drastic measures had to be taken to keep the city safe.

Jake went too far and was shot dead by police.

The final straw was when Jake charged a kid on a bike.

Seems like they could have caught Jake and moved him into the woods, but it seems a bit extreme kill the bird!


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