It was announced recently that Minot, North Dakota's Josh Duhamel will be joining the Mighty Ducks, Game Changers season 2 on Disney Plus.  Josh will be taking over the duties of Emilio Esteves who is leaving the show according to Variety.  Esteves is reportedly leaving because of contractual disputes and creative differences.  It was originally reported he left because of COVID-19 requirements.

Josh Duhamel will play a character named Gavin Cole, a former NHL player turned coach.  He runs a summer hockey institute where Season 2 will be taking place.  He will eventually end up behind the bench as the coach of the Mighty Ducks replacing Emilio Esteves who played the part of Gorden Bombay.

The rest of the country will soon find out that Josh Duhamel actually played hockey in Minot growing up in their youth program.  According to Distractify, Josh hadn't skated for about 20 years until these past holidays.  He says he wants to get back into his skating groove over the next few weeks so he doesn't look like an idiot on the show.  He also went on to give the state of North Dakota some love in the article saying how hockey is huge here.

Disney Plus in case you are wondering is a highly popular streaming service with a huge library that includes almost all movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel.

There is no official date yet on when Mighty Ducks, Game Changers season 2 will debut but it's believed to be in the autumn of 2022.  In the meantime, the show is filming right now.



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