Many people are cutting the cable and finding cheaper and alternatives to watching TV and Hulu is now in the mix and they are giving Netflix a good run.

Hulu is busy producing many new shows to keep up with the Netfilx catalog. Hulu plans to nearly double their portfolio over the next 12-24 months with more than 35 shows that are on order or in production.

They have teamed up with DISH network to examine what we were watching across the country to produce a list of the favorite shows each state can not get enough of.

Some of the top titles on Hulu are

  • Freakish
  • The Path
  • Hot Housewives
  • Battle Ground
  • Quick Draw
  • The Mindy Project

And North Dakota's favorite Hulu series is Freakish.

Let's face it, compared to cable, you can get a full subscription to Hulu for a little as $20 a month, who wouldn't jump on that deal.


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