The winter that refuses to die!

As we close in on a potential all-time snowfall record season in Bismarck Mandan, we have yet another significant snowfall potential this week.  That's after we picked up about 9 to 11 inches in the Bismarck Mandan area this past Sunday.

The all-time record by the way is 101.6 inches of snow back during the winter of 96-97.

This time, it's another Colorado low which oftentimes produces heavy snow or blizzards that has its sights on North Dakota again this week. We've already been hit by several Colorado lows earlier this winter

We literally have a chance of snow every day this week according to the National Weather Service in Bismarck with exception of today (Monday).

2 to 4 inches are possible for Tuesday and Tuesday night before the bigger Colorado low system moves in Wednesday afternoon which could linger into Friday morning.  It's still too early to give exact snowfall amounts but somewhere between 5 inches to over a foot of new snow is possible.

Isolated higher amounts are always possible with Colorado lows as Bismarck Mandan has already seen a 20-inch plus snowfall from one of these systems earlier this winter season.

Early models seem to favor higher amounts of snow in southeast North Dakota but again, it's still too early to know the exact path of this system this far out.

The National Weather Service did mention in our long-range forecast this week that Bismarck Mandan could see heavy snow.  Expect watches, advisories, and warnings to be announced soon.

Keep your shovels, snowblowers, and plows handy this week my friends.

There's a pretty good chance you'll need them.


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