According to a new article by Wallet Hub, North Dakota is in the top 10 in the nation for small businesses being hit hard by COVID-19.

Just over a 1/3 or all small business owners say they can't survive longer than three months in this current economic climate.  North Dakota came in at number 10 in this story.

As unemployment continues to rise in North Dakota over 87% of small business owners nationwide say their businesses are hurting do to the coronavirus.

You can do your part to help out these businesses.  Instead of shopping on-line, out of state or even out of country, look to buy local.  Find a local business and their website.  If they don't have a website, call them and see if you can order by phone or if they offer pick up or delivery

According to the Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken, "Our local hometown, homegrown businesses are the lifeblood our community.  We need to do all we can to support them during this difficult time."


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