What happened to North Dakota nice? I'm sure it's still out there, but a surprising report indicates  North Dakota ranks 2nd in hate crimes in the nation.

These numbers come from the 2015 FBI statistics that we made available earlier this month. It is worth mentioning, ND ranks 2nd in the nation in hate crimes per capita. North Dakota falls behind Massachusetts. The report showed a total of 36 hate crimes in ND, and these are the hate crimes that were reported to police agencies. The break down is 4.8 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Don't be surprised. The state has held  the #2 spot since 2012. with the exception of 2013, when we held the #1 spot.

A hate crime is defined as a crime against a person or property motivated by the   offender's bias against a persons race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, religion, gender identity or ethnicity.

Some states have tougher penalties for hate crimes, as close as Minnesota. North Dakota does not any such law against hate crimes.