It's election day, so be sure to get out and vote. It won't be long before November will be here, and another presidential election will be decided.

Ironically, it will be the same two candidates slugging it out.  President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

You might remember that over 500 boats and thousands of people attended a boat parade in Bismarck, North Dakota for Donald Trump supporters back in 2020.

Boats were lined up as far as the eye can see along the Missouri River in Bismarck. Crowds were cheering, horns were honking on boats and pontoons, and thousands came out in support of President Donald Trump.

Both parties in 2020 were using virtual gatherings or outdoor parades like this as we were in the early stages of the global pandemic.

The (MAGA) Make America Great Again boat parade drew a big crowd 4 years ago, and now organizers want to do it again.

According to an event page on Facebook, another boat parade/rally will take place for Trump supporters this Saturday.

If you are interested in having a boat in the parade you are asked to line up south of the Fox Island boat ramp between 10 am and 10:30 pm.  The parade will officially begin at 12 noon.

You are asked to be safe and courteous of others, show your American flags and Trump supporters are asked to fly their Trump flags.

The parade route is expected to travel north from Fox Island until it hits the 94 bridge.

The Memorial Bridge will be a good viewing location for spectators wanting to see the parade. In 2024 large American flags were draped across the bridge.

Last time around there were a handful of protestors along the parade route but no major incidents happened other than a few verbal incidents.

A similar parade was also held back in 2020 on Lake Sakakawea.

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