Have you ever been to Nelson Lake near Center, North Dakota? The lake is a must-see if you haven't had the chance to see or swim in it. Nelsen Lake's water is used to cool Minnkota Power Plant. This is a really unique lake and not one that you will get the chance to see every day. The water in the lake is probably 90-100 degrees fahrenheit in the summer months and 60-70 degrees fahrenheit in the winter months.

I've been told stories of people water skiing on Nelson Lake in January. I personally wouldn't be out water skiing in the middle of the winter but each to their own. It wouldn't be so bad until you have to get out of the water. According to Lake-link.com, Nelson Lake does have fish the following fish in it: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and White Crappie. For someone who doesn't want to ice fish, this wouldn't be a bad place to fish in the winter months. 

Have you ever been to Nelson Lake? It's less than an hour from Bis-Man. It's like swimming in a big hot tub. According to Lake-Link.com, the lake is 573 acres and the deepest point of the lake is about 35 feet deep. The only concern I'd have to take a boat to Nelson Lake in the winter months is pulling it out and having the lower unit of the motor freeze. 

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