Our secret is out, for the second year in a row, North Dakota has scored #1 state for millennails.

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According to Wallet Hub, the Midwest is the region for millennails if they're looking for jobs and quality of life. The top states for this age group are-

  1. North Dakota
  2. Minnesota
  3. South Dakota
  4. Iowa

Wallet Hub scored every state on varies categories, which appeal to this demographic, including jobs, affordability, health and education, quality of life and entertainment.

From these categories listed above, North Dakota scored either first or in the top 10 in every category.

North Dakota also ranked #1 in 2016.

Now that the oil boom is behind us, housing is more available now and affordable than in the last few years. Landlords that were not pet friendly, now seem to love Fido and Fluffy. Amazing!

The age group 18-33 is a very important demographic for business. These are the people starting families and renting or purchasing real-estate.

You can get the full review for every state in the nation here.

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