Overall, I would say we have pretty good roads in North Dakota.

As much as they are under construction, they better be pretty good.  In all fairness, the extreme temperatures we see in North Dakota wreak havoc on our roads.  Nothing like going from 20 below zero temperatures to 100 degrees above zero in a few short months.  That's why we see our share of potholes on our roads.

According to Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach, we have one of the 100 worst roads in America in North Dakota.

Before I get to North Dakota's most loathed roads, here's a run down (get it?) of the most disliked roads from our neighboring states.  This is based on a survey of 3,000 drivers across the country.

The most loathed roads in Minnesota include:

#89 I35W near Minneapolis.  Frequent traffic jams on this stretch of highway.

#100 I94 near Minneapolis.  Same story as I35W, frequent traffic delays that can have you crawling at a snail's pace during peak traffic times.

The most loathed road in South Dakota:

#84 I29 near Sioux Falls.  Traffic congestion during drive times.

The most loathed road in Montana:

#82 US93 from Kalispell to Missoula.  Heavy traffic due to tourists mostly.  Montanans love tourists by the way. HA!

And finally, the most loathed road in all of North Dakota:

#90 I94 from the areas around Bismarck and Fargo due to traffic congestion during drive times.

I'm sorry, I have to giggle a little bit about this.  How I94 in Minneapolis is loathed less than I94 around Bismarck is a total joke.  Traffic is so much worse in the Twin Cities it's not even funny.  Makes me wonder who these 3,000 respondents are and what are they smoking?

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