North Dakota has one of the lowest state taxes on tobacco in the country and received a failing grade for it from the American Lung Association.

In North Dakota, the tax on a pack of cigarettes is 44 cents. That is the third lowest tax on tobacco from any state in the country. This comes after North Dakota had a $3.2 million decrease in funding for tobacco prevention programs last year.

According to the American Lung Association, 980 people die every year in North Dakota from tobacco-related illnesses. The ALA in North Dakota asked for actions to be taken by elected officials to implement the following:

  • Raise the state tobacco tax currently among the nation's lowest at 44 cents per pack.
  • Raise the age of sale of all tobacco products to 21 years old.
  • Replace the dollars taken from the fully-funded state tobacco control program.

Despite the failing grade on the tobacco tax, North Dakota received an 'A' for smoke-free air thanks to smoking restrictions being placed on several categories of public places.

Over in Minnesota, their state received a 'B' on tobacco tax. They have the country's 7th highest tax on a pack of cigarettes at $3.04. Minnesota also received an 'A' for smoke-free air and was recommended to secure public funding for tobacco prevention programs.

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