Time to dig out once again North Dakota!

Another blizzard pounded parts of North Dakota and it looks like once again southeast North Dakota has the honors for most snow.  Northeast North Dakota also had a pretty good wallop of frozen H2O.

The weather people and weather models actually got this storm wrong.  

Southcentral North Dakota was supposed to see the bulk of the snow this time around but that was not the case.  Bismarck was on the edge of the snowline for a good share of the day on April 4th and didn't start to pick up heavier snow bands until late in the afternoon.

That really kept the Capital City's snowfall totals down.  Bismarck ended up with just over 4 inches of snow.  We're now at 99.6 inches of snowfall for the season.  That is pretty impressive for sure.  However, we did not break the all-time snowfall for the season with this storm which is 101.6 inches of snow.  We were certainly forecasted to do so.

Snowfall predictions had us around a foot or greater for this storm.  Not even close.  I suppose that is a good thing, but I for one, wanted to break the all-time record.

Here are some of the snowfall total from the April 4th blizzard across North Dakota:

Bismarck-4.2 inches of snow.

Ashley-14.5 inches of snow.

Ellendale-10.0 inches of snow.

Edgely-10.3 inches of snow.

LaMoure-12.0 inches of snow.

Jamestown-12.0 inches of snow.

Valley City-10.8 inches of snow.

Fargo-8.2 inches of snow.

Wahpeton-9.0 inches of snow.

Steele-2.0 inches of snow.

Lincoln-2.5 inches of snow.

Grand Forks-10.5 inches of snow.

Larimore-12.4 inches of snow.

Michigan-11.0 inches of snow.

Devils Lake-5.5 inches of snow.

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