No Mas...I'm Over Professional Baseball!  I don't vent too often, but I give up!  Growing up a Minnesota Twins (and Cubs) fan, some of my fondest memories are of growing up listening to the Twins with my Grandfather.  No matter what we were doing, if the Twins were on, we were listening to or watching the game.

As I was putting together your Sports Dish this morning, I started feeling a little angry and frustrated when I was reading about the ongoing discussion...dispute between Major League Baseball (Billionaires) and the Players Association Millionaires).  I felt like I was reliving the movie Groundhog Day (they keep doing the same thing over and over again, without anything changing).  As fans, we are stuck in a loop and it's leaving a bad taste in this fans mouth.

I'm guessing that you are like me and are craving anything "normal" in the sports world.  While NASCAR and the PGA have stepped up with their restarts (NASCAR is beginning to allow fans back this weekend), Major League Baseball doesn't appear to be concerned about their fans.  Where's the passion and love for playing the game that we have as fans?

...”The Major League Baseball Players Association has made a proposal to MLB for a season of 89 games, with a full prorated share of salary and expanded playoffs. It would bring the sides closer to a potential deal because it is 25 games fewer than the union's most recent proposal of 114 games. Monday, MLB proposed a 76-game season that was rejected by the Players Union”...

For the full ESPN story, click HERE.

As a BASEBALL fan, No Mas...I'm Over Professional Baseball!  Thank heavens for the Bismark Larks, Babe Ruth and youth baseball, players and organizations who still care about the game and the fans.

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