Could it happen again in the next seven days?  A new state record Walleye?  Its happened back to back years, however last years fish was disqualified.  I'll get to that in a minute.  Water temps in the Missouri are warming into the 45 plus range and that will send big female Walleyes into the spawn.  Now is a great time to catch a trophy Walleye according to an article by Bismarck fishing guide Mike Peluso.

The Big Muddy has a lot of big fish in the system again this year.  Reports of Game & Fish netting big Walleye's over 15 pounds have been circulating the last several years.

April 21st 2019 Tom Volk of Lincoln, ND caught a 16 pound 9oz  Walleye in the Heart River, that measured 32 1/2 inches long.  It was the apparent new North Dakota State record for a very short time.  A video surfaced that indicated the fish was "foul hooked" and the Game and Fish began receiving  phone calls saying the fish was snagged and should be disqualified.  I've seen the video myself, and I for one can't make out that the fish was snagged.  After an investigation the Game and Fish disqualified the fish and even threatened Tom Volk with a written warning.  Keeping a snagged fish in North Dakota is a misdemeanor.   Tom was forced to get a lawyer and the charges were eventually dropped.  Volk maintains it was a legal catch in an article in the NY Times and says "he has the official unofficial State Record Walleye".


Neal Leier of Bismarck hangs on to the State Record Walleye of 15 pounds 13oz that he caught in May of 2018, but for how long remains to be seen.  It could even be broke this week.  I for one will be chasing that record, but not sure I would want the headache that goes with it?!  You gotta love social media.


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