If you don't own a face mask yet, you might want to think about making or purchasing one.  A sign of yet another "new normal" in Bismarck Mandan, as we ease back into "high contact" businesses being allowed to re-open.  Dan's supermarket according to an article on KX's website is requiring all employee's and customers to wear masks.

When I say "new normal", I never thought I would drive up to a bank wearing a face mask, ask for money and they would give it to me.  And I didn't end up in jail.  That happened to me this week.

As Governor Burgum laid out his plans yesterday for North Dakota Smart Re-Start, it did include the use of face masks.  You could be asked to wear face masks at salons, barbers and it will require all employees to wear face masks in those professions.  I am kind of curious how you're going to get a hair cut with a face mask on?


How to Sew a Face Mask


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