According to KFYR-TV, Garrison North Dakota now has a new fish cleaning station for anyone to use. The Game and Fish teamed up with another group and they paid for 75 percent of the project. The fish cleaning station cost around $175,000. The building has heating and air conditioning, a bathroom, and a fish grinding table, and a washing station.

This is awesome for the community of Garrison to get this fish cleaning station. It's nice when you catch fish that you're able to take it to a station like this. The fish cleaning station is located a quarter mile west of the Cenex in Garrison and is open 24/7 according to the KFYR-TV article.

Many people go up to the Garrison area to fish because it's one of the premiere places to fish around the state. That's one nice thing about North Dakota we have great places to fish. Many people travel through the Garrison area just to go fishing. I've been up there many times and have always had great luck fishing.

I have family in that area and it's going to be nice that when we go out fishing we will be able to utilize that wonderful fish cleaning station. Many people are excited that they added this station to clean their fish. Anyone knows that when you don't have a great station like this, it gets really messy trying to clean fish up. Are you excited about the fish cleaning station? Will you use it the next time you're in Garrison?


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