NDSU to play James Madison Friday night 12/17/2021 at the FargoDome. The game will be held on 12/17/2021 on the Gate city Bank field inside the FargoDome in Fargo, North Dakota. This is a game that you are not going to want to miss. This game is going to be intense and will be a real barn burner. The last time James Madison came to the Fargo dome they beat NDSU. The stakes are high and I think NDSU is looking for revenge.

NDSU is a powerhouse and has been for many years. Their defense is really stellar this year. They've held many teams out of the endzone this year. Many people want NDSU to win so they can advance and head to Frisco, Texas. It's all eyes on NDSU tomorrow night in the Fargo Dome. I hope NDSU wins and heads to Frisco, Texas.

NDSU currently has one loss on the season to South Dakota State Jackrabbits. If the Bison win, they will play one of our neighboring states in the championship game. They will either play Montana or South Dakota. I think it would be awesome to play either team. NDSU has had an issue getting fans to go to the game this season. They've had many people saying cancel the blues. That means they don't want to see any blue seats. Hopefully the game tomorrow night is a sellout. I think the Fargo dome will be loud tomorrow night.


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