North Dakota State University is currently building an indoor/outdoor football performance complex. According to the training facility started construction in July 2021 and is estimated at $37.2 million. This training facility will include locker rooms and indoor/outdoor fields. According to, it will also be a complex for women's soccer, both men and women’s golf, men and women’s track & field, baseball, and softball.

The indoor field will be 120 yards long, 60 yards wide, and 72 feet to the peak. The complex will be 117,000 square feet and will replace the Dacotah Field Bubble. It will also have a weight room, fueling station, and a retractable netting system for multiple sports. I personally think this is great for NDSU as this will allow more kids to want to go there.

Will this allow NDSU to get some of the best players in FCS around the country? I think having a training facility of this magnitude will allow them to get some stand-out players that get multiple offers. NDSU is known for getting great players and being great on both sides of the ball. According to, the new training facility will be completed in two phases.

The new facility is expected to be completed by the fall of 2022 and is going to be a great asset for the team when it is completed. Are you excited about the new training facility? Do you think NDSU will get even more athletes that will want to go there due to the new practice facility?


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