According to the Bison 1660, NDSU will resume to it's regular crowd and tailgating at the Fargodome. Many people, myself included, are excited to hear about this. It's been a longtime coming and I'm happy that NDSU will finally be able to have the Fargodome rocking. The Fargodome is always a sellout everytime the Bison play at home and is always a lot of fun.

NDSU had the fall season postponed and only played one game last fall with just family and friends of the players in attendence. They started the spring schedule with few fans and each game gradually got bigger. It was an interesting spring schedule with the Bison losing their winning streak. They also lost their at home winning streak and they got beat on the road and won't be heading to South Fargo or Frisco Texas for the championship game.

It's going to be a great fall season and NDSU will be getting some new players for the fall. I can't wait to be back in the parking lot tailgating like we've done in the past. It's been a longtime coming and it's great to finally be able to start getting back to normal. As many say it's a new year and many are excited to get back inside the Fargodome. This pandemic has changed many things and it's great to finally be getting back to the way we all know it as. Will the Bison make a new winning streak? Will the Bison make it to Frisco, Texas in the fall?

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