North Dakota State University in Fargo announced today that classes will go as scheduled this Fall, with no plans to alter students schedules.  According to an article on Valley News Live students will however be required to wear face masks to help spread the novel coronavirus.

The students will be required to wear face masks in the classrooms.  It's unclear if the students will be asked to wear face masks on other parts of the campus.

According to the article,  NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani said,  "the university received a $20 million grant to help with its COVID-19 planning, which includes the launch of a new way of virtual learning."

While many Universities across the country have already announced plans to go to on-line classes after Thanksgiving, there are no plans to do that at NDSU.

This announcement comes as Bismarck State College announced yesterday to have in person classes as well this Fall.  Both campuses plan to take extra precautions, including spacing, extra cleaning steps to help combat COVID-19.

NDSU plans to use the HyFlex world system.  According to the article,  this is where students, teachers or school employees who are vulnerable, in isolation or in quarantine, can still learn, teach or be a part of the NDSU family.

So how about the other major University in the state?  According to the University of North Dakota website all non-essential employees will continue to work remotely until July 31st.  No other information was given on in-person classes starting back up in the Fall of 2020.  If I had to bet money, I would think UND will follow suit to NDSU.


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