The Bison are known for recruiting great players from all over the country. The Bison have been a power house for the last decade and they hope that it will continue for many years to come. NDSU has only played one game this season in October and added another win to their streak. NDSU currently has a 38 game winning streak and many are hoping they'd tie the Oklahoma Sooners 47 game winning streak. If NDSU plays the spring season and wins out they'd be one game behind the Oklahoma Sooners 47 game winning streak.

According to NDSU Bison Football Fans, NDSU is adding Britton Pascoe - CB, Bryce Lance - WR, Eli Green - WR,  Ryan Jones - S,  Kody Huisman - DT, Kole Menz - DE , Finn Diggins - TE, Mike Florentine - LS, Braden Rucker - OL,  Logan Kopp - LB, Reggie King - S, Sam Henry - OL, Blake Sadr - OL, Truman Werremeyer - FB, Alex Oechsner - CB, Jaxon Duttenhefer - DT, Nasir Howell - CB, Cam Devine - RB, Kayden Warren - DT, Jack Steckler - TE, Cole Payton - QB, Barika Kpeenu - RB, Brayden Weber - LB, Enock Sibomana - S, and Virginia Tech QB Quincy Patterson II is transferring to NDSU. NDSU keeps getting great recruits and they are hoping they continue their legacy.

NDSU only played one game this fall due to the covid-19 pandemic but are hoping to play at least eight games this spring. If NDSU has games this spring will you be going to them? Many people want things to go back to normal but other don't care and will go to games no matter what. Many people are hoping for many more trips to Frisco Texas. Are you excited to see what NDSU can do in the coming years?



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