Who doesn't like hot air balloons?  I know I was fascinated by them when I was a kid growing up.  I remember seeing them taking off from a field near where I grew up and following them around town for hours.  Well, now you can get up close and personal with hot air balloons and they're just a short drive from Bismarck Mandan.

According to a press release from the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, the 18th Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally, marks the finale weekend of the Medora Musical on September 12th and 13th.  This year will be the largest event ever with 14 balloons taking to the sky each morning.  Viewing the launch is open to the public and provides and incredible and rare photo opportunity for guests.  If you're wondering if they're will be rides in the balloons???  They are by invite-only to close friends of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

The balloon launch point is the grassy lot south of the Medora Campground, next to the city pool and tennis courts and the balloons will fly with the wind.

The schedule for Hot Air Balloons launches are as follows:  Saturday & Sunday morning there will be a pilot briefing at 5:15 am.  Passengers will arrive at 5:45 am.  The balloons will lunch by 6:30 am and land at 8 am.  Please keep in mind the hot air balloon launch both days is contingent on the weather.

There's also going to be a kite rally and is open for the public to participate.  This will be the 5th annual kite rally to be held at the Burning Hills Amphitheater.  Guests are welcome to come watch the kites take to the skies or bring their own kites and join the fun.

Sounds like a fun weekend to take in Medora one more time this season.  Bring out the family and explore it, adore it...Medora!

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