As the state prepares to open up tomorrow, a sober reminder we are not done with this virus yet.  42 new cases were announced in the state today according to the ND Heath Department.  That gives us a total 1033 confirmed cases in the state with a total of 577 active cases.  82 people are hospitalized.  We've had over 25 thousand people tested for coronavirus in the state with a 4.0% percent positive rate.

Burleigh county has the 3rd most cases sitting at 76, behind Grand Forks with 251 and Fargo with 492 confirmed cases.

It is important to note that 33 of North Dakota's 51 counties do NOT have an active case of COVID-19.  That's good news.  However, it's imperative to note that you should continue to practice social distancing and stay away from businesses if you are feeling ill.

Experts hope that warmer temperatures across the state and country will slow the coronavirus.  COVID-19 is expected to gradually diminish over the Summer.


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