So if you and your crew are heading to the desert for the weekend, you best keep your head low as the North Dakota National Guard is performing military exercises that could knock your head right off!

So the public is not invited.

To prevent the knock your head off scenario, "the desert" will be closed to the public starting 10 AM, Friday, August 19th. Yep, it's once again time for the North Dakota National Guard's 957th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge) force to run maneuvers all over the desert. So the public is not allowed because of their military awesomeness.

Plus the public keeps leaving their beer cans all over the place.  Sad really.

So after the Guard cleans up your nasty campsites, let the training begin!  What kind of training? NNNNNNATIONAL GUARD TRAINING!!*

For the press release click here

The North Dakota National Guard’s 957th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge) will conduct field training exercises August 19-21, 2022, in the Kimball Bottoms area near the Missouri River, south of Bismarck.


The N.D. National Guard reminds the public to be aware of the training activities and to use extreme caution when in the area, since there will be increased vehicle and boat traffic during unit training operations. The public’s cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

For the safety of the public, the off-road vehicle area known as the Desert will be closed to the public from 10 a.m. on Friday, August 19 through 10 a.m. on Sunday, August 21.


In addition to land training in the area, approximately 60 Soldiers will conduct boating and bridging operations on the Missouri River. The river will not be closed to the public, but visitors and boaters are asked to use caution while in the area.

While it's darn near impossible to shut down the river they do ask that you stay out of their way on the water.  They're performing training exercises so they'll be prepared for adverse circumstances when they arise.

And, they don't need your help one little bit.

So spread the word that you can't go crashing your UTVs through the sand down at the desert until at least 10 AM on Sunday.  Also, spread the word to all your party buddies to pick up after having your fun.  If you pack it in...make sure you pack it out.

Isle of Wight
Getty Images

You're right now trying to tell if that's you in that picture, aren't you?

So to everyone fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or pontooning down the river this weekend, there could be artillery simulated in your direction.  So keep them heads down.

*credit to Bill Murray in Stripes.

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