The North Dakota Fish and Game are searching for six or seven men on various charges including hunting without a license, animal cruelty charges and failure to tag big game.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

The agency released this video seeking the public's help to find the individuals taking part in this crime. The video is very graphic showing the men dragging a white tail deer out of the river, stabbing the animal several times then shoving the deer's nose in the mud to smother the deer to death. After the animal's death, the video shows the men high-fiving each other.

The incident took place in October of last year, near the DAPL campsites, on or near the Highway 1806 bridge. ND Game and Fish are also investigating other cases of the illegal killing of deer in the area.

If you have information on this case, contact the ND Game and Fish at 701 328 6604 or contact the ND Fish and Game here. The Fish and Game plan to turn the case over to the Morton County District Attorneys Office to press charges.

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