Morgan Evans is letting fans take a peak into his life with wife Kelsea Ballerini though the music video for his song "Day Drunk." The recently married couple captured a romantic Hawaiian vacation on video, and Evans turned the special moments into an adorable video.

Readers can press play above to watch Evans' "Day Drunk" music video -- which finds the artists doing a whole lot more than just day drinking. Throughout the clip, Evans and Ballerini swim, enjoy water slides and waterfalls, ride ATVs, drive a Jeep around the island, fly in a helicopter and simply take in the beauty of the island and each other.

"I've never been the drinking song guy, but this song came from a real place and is really more about spending a day with your person than it is about just going getting drunk," Evans tells ET. "There's a reason why I love it so much and feel like I can sing it."

And about that scene in which Ballerini is shown placing a new wedding band on her man's hand? It turns out Evans lost the ring he was wearing during a surfing trip.

"I've never been a jewelry guy. The actual ring, it annoyed me picking up things and it would get clunky when I would play guitar, so I bought this packet of four silicon rings from Amazon -- it was $10 for a pack of four -- so I generally just wear one of those," Evans explains. "So, yes, I did lose a wedding band, but it was just one of the silicon ones. I lost it when I was surfing and didn't even realize. We were out and we found this little market stall and they had a bunch of rings there, so now I have a Hawaiian one, as well."

"Day Drunk" is available for purchase on iTunes.

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