Many kids growing up love trains and I was one of those kids. Many kids want their parents to build them a model train or a train that goes around the Christmas Tree. Trains are usually amusing to most kids and some even love them growing up. I was one of those kids that loved trains and I even enjoyed them growing up.

I had a model train set that my parents made that was pretty big and at least three times we made the trainset bigger. We used to go to Dave's Hobby's and get all of our train supplies but he's no longer in business. We had HO scale trains set it was always a passion of mine.

I have started helping a friend of mine expand his train collection and he has O gauge or Lionel Trains. This layout is pretty cool with many different builidngs that make noise if you push the button. He's been working on his layout for over 20 years. The layout we had in my parent's basement we had to tear down due to flooding in their basement last year.

The sad part is the model train world is starting to come to an end as the younger generation isn't really into it as much as they once were. Trains are a lot of fun and it's such a fun time watching them go around the track. The cool thing is they make trains of all sizes for different people's tastes, anything from really little to huge.  How many train layouts does Bismarck have? Are there a lot of people in Bismarck that have trains?

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