Ok, it's no secret that I am a "Cat Person". I am single (no shocker there) and I have not one, but two cats that basically allow me to live there. I am drawn to stories about people who adopt animals. I did the same thing about two years ago, found out about a kitten that was rescued just outside of Max, taken to Souris Valley Animal Shelter. Scott Lane from Minot is also a "Feline Fan", and last May he ventured out with the goal of finding a companion for his current one. According to KXNET Scott went into Hairball Haven - a local nonprofit “We went to go meet Floki and as we walked in, the lady at the foster home was holding Violet said well this is Floki’s sister and it looks like she’s gonna be all alone now.” 

Hook line and sinker - there was no way he was going to split them up, so off he went with two kittens. Violet blossomed and let her personality shine - so much so that the year-old Siamese Manx has her own Facebook page. “Just kinda jokingly I said yeah I wanna make you a supermodel someday and she meowed really loud like she knew what I was saying and because she doesn’t have a tail she’ll sit on her butt like a human,” 

So now his kinda joke could very well become a reality. America's Favorite Pet - This is where she and Scott could WIN $5,000. Here is where you can go on and VOTE right now. Scott is thrilled that he is able to get Minot involved in the voting (and now us too) - He is not in this to win the $ for his own gain, he would love to give a portion of it back to Hairball Haven - maybe even set up a quaint ‘Violet’s corner’


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