The Granite City Lumberjacks are a North American Tier III junior NA3HL team based out of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.  I know a little something about this league as my son was drafted by the Alexandria Blizzard who are in the same league as this team.

The Lumberjacks are getting national attention, including some from NHL teams for what one of their players just did.  More on that in a moment.

Junior hockey has become a big deal all across the country over the last 10 years.  Very few kids out of high school go straight to college anymore.  Nearly all play some level of juniors before they ever get a shot with a college team.

There are three levels of junior league hockey teams.  The Bismarck Bobcats are in the NAHL Tier II level.  So are the Minot Minatauros.  The only other junior hockey team we have in North Dakota is the Fargo Force which is in the highest level of junior hockey Tier I.

Just about 90% of those kids who make the Fargo Force team or any Tier I junior hockey team will more than likely be playing for a Division I hockey program like UND in the near future.

If you watch any sort of hockey at all, you probably have seen or heard people talking about a player who "just did the Michigan."  If you don't know what that is, I would be glad to show you.  Here's the goal that coined the phrase "the Michigan."

"The Michigan" is a cradle lacrosse-like goal that requires a special player to pull it off.

Tucker Skime from The Granite City Lumberjacks is one of those players.  Only he did a variation of it that is still pretty special.  It has the hockey world buzzing and has been shared by several NHL teams.  Check it out.

What makes hockey so great? You never know when you might see goals like this.

You can visit the CanucksBanter YouTube Channel here.

You can visit the HockeyWebCast YouTube Channel here.

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