In a recent study released over the weekend, men are doing more housework and chores around the house and women are doing less.

But reality is, men are still doing a LOT less chores than women. According to Liana Sayer, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland, times and things have changed since 1964, but not much. In 1964 on the average woman spent over four hours a day on housework. Guys spent less than 30 minutes.

Move into the new century and a women’s chore load had dropped from four hours a day to less than 2½ hours a day. Over the same period, the amount of time men spend on housework tripled. Let's put that into prospective for you. More women are in the work-force, but ladies still performed about  1.7 times more housework than men.

Plus, things get really complicated when you add a baby or children into the mix. Bottom line is women still perform most of the chores around the house, men have taken on more responsibility but not by a lot.

In 2012, single women with no children reported doing almost twice as much cooking, cleaning and laundry as single men with no children,”

Men, we need to clean up our act!

George Marks / Getty Images
George Marks / Getty Images

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