The Medora Musical recently announced the Burning Hill Singers. The Medora Musical is always a good time and they know how to put on a good show. Medora, ND is a small town close to Dickinson, ND and they always draw in people to go there and see all the tourist things that they offer. The Medora Musical is something that everyone in North Dakota should do at least once.

The list of singers includes Chet Wollan, Annie Freres, Taylor Leet, Damon Fichter, Jeanna Zenz, Ken Quiricone, Candice Lively Wollan, Gerry Williams, Jessica Bradish, Kevin Korczynski, Rachael Endrizzi, Aaron Atkinson, Anneliese Wolfanger, and Nathan Gilanyi.

Many people love going to the Medora Musical because it's a lot of fun. There's so much to do in the city of Medora, ND. They have multiple shops to go to, camping, hiking, bike riding trails, shows, horse riding, camping, and many other things to do. One of my favorite things to do in Medora, ND is going to the Theodore Roosevelt State Park. There are many sites to see in the state park, they also have a lot of wild animals that people can see on the drive.

I've road motorcycle to Medora, ND and we drove through the park. That was a lot of fun and we got to see wild horses and buffalo. I'd encourage you if you haven't been to the state park, or the Medora Musical to do it sometime.


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