This past weekend 8-7-20 the girlfriend and I went for a motorcycle ride into the wonderful city of Medora. I haven't been to Medora, North Dakota in many years. Some things have changed and they have added some new buildings and attractions also. We pulled into town and looked to my right and the first thing I saw was a building leaning over. 

The leaning building is called Perception and of course I had to check it out. It was full of illusions and was really cool they had water running up hill, and golf balls going uphill. This is something a person doesn't get to see every day and was really interesting. We had to check out downtown Medora, North Dakota also and they had this toy shooting game that was a lot of fun.

When a person goes to Medora, North Dakota you have to go to the Medora Musical. It was about an hour and a half long. The Burning Hills Singers were great and there was even a girl from Bismarck, North Dakota that was one of the singers. It's always a great time to go to Medora. They have great ways to socially distance everyone that goes to the musical.

We also drove through the park and got to see a lot of Buffalo and some were crossing the road. It's awesome to be that close to wildlife, and get to see the Badlands. When a person drives through the park, you can't go all the way through it due to an area being closed. 


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