Last week we did a story on the Bismarck trees that spell out Bismarck. I've lived in the area my whole life and knew about the Bismarck trees but I didn't know that on the top of the Mandan, ND hill they had trees that spell out Mandan ND. 

I've asked a lot of people that knew about the Bismarck trees if they knew about the Mandan ND trees on the top the Mandan Hill. Out of all the people I asked no one knew that they existed and we have all lived around the area our whole lives.

I think this is great that both Bismarck and Mandan North Dakota have trees that spell out the names of the cities. It would just be nice if more people knew about that. I knew about the white rocks that say Mandan but I never knew on top of that hill that it says Mandan with trees. If you're out flying someday you will have to fly over both the Bismarck and Mandan ND trees. This is great for the state, and for the cities that we have the trees. 

If I ever get the chance to go flying around the area in a small plane I for sure will have to check out the Mandan ND trees. Did you know that on top the Mandan hill they had trees that spell out Mandan? Did you know that Bismarck had trees that spell out Bismarck? 


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