A 29-year old man was arrested in Lincoln for assault on an officer and made his situation much worst as time went on during the stop on Feb 7th.

According to KFRY-TV, Dylan Himes from Solen was booked on several charges from the incident. It started after officers stopped Himes. He then started on the wrong foot by with giving false information to the officer. The situation started to deteriorate quickly.

Back-up showed up, and the two Lincoln police officers tried to remove Himes from his vehicle. At this point, Himes tried to drive off from the scene.

More back-up arrived from the Burleigh Country Sheriff's office. It's now five police officers trying to remove Himes from his vehicle and they succeeded.

One of the officers was struck on the head and the other lawman received a cut on his hand.

Himes was arrested.




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