The Make America Great Again parade this past Satuday 8-22-20 at noon was a big success according to people on the sandbars. I was on one of the sandbars and watched the parade and there was a lot of boats. If I had to take a guess there was over a thousand boats, pontoons, and jet ski's.

The MAGA parade started out with the National anthem and then took off at idle speed. There were people standing on land, at the river bars, and on the bridge watching and celebrating as the parade went by. It was a really nice site just to see this parade because I've never seen anyhing like it in my life.

Many people say this wasn't an event it was a freedom of speech and others against the parade have stated this could be the next coronavirus hotspot. I don't think that is the case at all. The boats and pontoons had close friends or family on board that have been around each other many times before. Also, the boats were spaced out more than six feet apart.

The people in this parade are hoping that President Donald J Trump will get reelected in November 2020. People have been putting on boat parades all across the United States to show their support for President Trump. This was really cool to see all these people band together to show their support. There's no word if there will be another parade before the summer is over, but I'm sure it would be another big success. Did you take part in the MAGA parade?

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