If you've had COVID-19, besides the fever, headaches, body aches, burning chest, you might lose your sense of taste and smell.  As somebody who had COVID-19, (I believe I had it in December of 19), back before it was a thing, I still remember when I lost my sense of taste and especially smell.  Why, because that is something that had never happened to me before.  Losing my sense of smell was so weird.  I still remember my yellow lab, leaving the room last December after she let a "silent but deadly" air biscuit.  My kid was laughing so hard, and I couldn't smell a thing.  I'm not sure how long it took for me to get my smell back, but it's one sense you really miss after it's gone. (Maybe not the farts)

Well, a TikTok video is blowing up this week, that got my attention.  Two girls recovering from COVID-19,  claim they've found the cure for loss of taste and smell.  Here's their video.


The two Wisconsin girls have generated more than 390,000 views of their video on TikTok. I guess TikTok isn't all senseless. Rimshot sound effect. Actually, I stole that joke from an article in the New York Post on the subject. Better give them credit.

The college girls didn't receive a lot of "love" on their home remedy for loss of taste and smell on TikTok.  Most users were very skeptical, and one person said, "This hasn't worked for anybody else."  One of the Wisconsin girls wrote, "That her smell is 10X better."  Others claimed this is actually a traditional Caribbean medicine.  "It's a Jamaican remedy", according to one of the comments I read.

I say, what could it hurt?  Try a little "orange juicing" if your senses are lacking.  Let me know how it goes.



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