According to a post on the North Dakota High School Activities Association website, high school hockey and basketball venues might be a little bit fuller than originally thought this season.  You may recall, back in mid-November, the Governor shut down Winter sports for a month.  That didn't sit to well with most parents or athletes in the state.  An uproar started shortly there after, that included marches on the Capital, numerous phone calls to the Governor and spawned a facebook group. #LetThemPlay

Not long after, the Governor rescinded his decision, and high school winter sports games are set to begin next week.  Originally after that decision the North Dakota High School Activities Association said that only 50 fans would be allowed to attend all winter sporting events.  Essentially, no visiting fans and two vouchers per player was thought to be the plan.  Well, that appears to have now changed.

According to the google document on the North Dakota High School Activities Association website the number of fans will now be determined by the capacity of the venue.  Under the Orange COVID-19 threat level that means:

The following event tiers will be used to determine maximum fan allowances for NDHSAA regular season events in accordance with ND Smart Restart Guidelines.

Current Orange/High Risk Levels are:

Tier      Seating Capacity         Maximum Number of fans

1          3,500+                         25% of capacity up to 1,000

2          2,001-3,499                25% of capacity up to 600

3          1,001-2,000                25% of capacity up to 300

4          <1,000                         25% of capacity up to 150


Athletes, coaches, athletic staffing and credentialed event staff are not included in the total.  Social distancing will be expected to be maintained and the use of face coverings will be required by all fans at all times.  Concessions are not recommended during games held in counties currently in the "Orange" threat level.  Non-compliance of any existing Executive Orders may be reported to the NDHSAA Office by a member school administrator. 

So, does this mean some visiting fans will be allowed at some events.  It certainly would appear so.  Expect more on this during the Governor's press conference today.

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