How would you like to live a long life?  Well, the answer may be as close as your refrigerator, at least according to scientists at Maastricht University in Holland.

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Live Longer By Drinking Beer

A new study by Maastricht University in Holland reveals that drinking beer on a daily basis can nearly double a man's chances of living until 90. Men, who drink a pint of beer a day are 81% more likely to live to 90 than those, who don't. Women, who drink a pint of beer a day increase their chances of living to 90 by 33%. Researchers studied the effects of aging and drinking.

Dr Piet van den Brandt says, ''Our analyses show significantly positive associations between alcohol and longevity in men and women. The results should not be used as motivation to start drinking."

Just remember, there have been plenty of studies over the years as to the benefits or detriments to consuming alcohol when it comes to your health.  The best answer is always moderation.

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