Lindsay Ell never had a desire for a private jet until she had the opportunity to travel on one while touring with Brad Paisley. In an interview with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, the "Criminal" singer admits her views on air travel have changed drastically following the experience.

"I had always thought that private jets were a waste of money until I got to fly on one," she admits. "You realize why people spend crazy amounts of money on private jets—because they're amazing. So, the minute I can afford one, whether that's however many years into the future, I will be getting one."

The singer was on tour with Paisley for a year and a half when she took a couple trips on Paisley's private jet. The eight-seater plane was quite the experience for the Canadian, and she says it's an investment Paisley more than deserves.

"I got to fly on Mr. Brad Paisley's a couple of times. Brad is amazing and his jet is wonderful and he deserves it," she shares. "That man works so hard!"

While Ell may not have her own private jet just yet, she is well on her way. The singer is enjoying the success of her latest radio single "Criminal" and says it's unlike anything she's previously witnessed in her career.

"It's been amazing to watch the song grow and to literally see for the first time in my career the power of radio," she says, marveling at the thought. "Watching fans sing along more and more every show and watching people in the pit grow and be excited to see me walk on stage, it's crazy."

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