Minnesota police officer's dashcam captures incredible lightning strike.

Have you ever seen a lightning strike? Have you ever captured a lightning strike on camera? In a rare (and probably frightening) moment, one Minnesota police officer captured a lightning strike on both his dashcam and bodycams. Watch the video here.

The police department in Hawley, Minnesota posted a dashcam video of a recent stormy evening. The post states that Officer Skoglund was on patrol when his cameras caught an incredible lightning strike. Valley News Live reports that Bell Bank was struck and, even though the building was zapped, there were only minor technical difficulties at the bank the next day.

That was a close call for Officer Skoglund! I have never been so close to lightning, but I imagine the strike was shockingly bright and loud. When I lived in Denver, I was amazed at how much more intense storms could be there compared to places that are not a mile high above sea level. Seriously, even catching a look at lightning was blinding and any amount of thunder would rattle even large buildings.

Lightning is such a crazy phenomenon. Did you know that, even though there is only a 1 in 12,0000 chance of being struck by lightning, it is one of the most common phobias? Reader's Digest has a whole list of wild facts you can learn about lightning strikes.

If you are one of the people who is not afraid of lightning, you might want to add the place in Venezuela where lightning dances through the sky for nearly 300 days a year! Lake Maracaibo is incredible, check it out:

Has lightning ever struck near you?

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