Isn't it great seeing GREEN everywhere we look.  Timely precipitation has made everyone's lawn, pastures, meadows, paddocks, etc perk up and get to growing.  But with all this growth comes some of North Dakota's biggest annoyances, and that is WEEDS!


Weeds fall into 6 different classification types:  Native or Non-Native, Invasive or Non-Invasive, and Noxious or Not Noxious.  North Dakota has all 6 of these classifications.  And it is important to know what you are looking at.  Many of the state's noxious weeds were brought into the area simply as ornamentals.  In fact, unbeknownst to some businesses, they sold noxious weeds as "decorative plants" and didn't know there was an issue.


According to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture website https://www.nd.gov/ndda/plant-industries/noxious-weeds "North Dakota Law (NDCC § 4.1-47-02) requires every person to do all things necessary and proper to control the spread of noxious weeds. The North Dakota Department of Agriculture coordinates the efforts of county and city weed boards and state and federal land managers to implement integrated weed management programs."  This law is taken very seriously, and land owners can be fined for not properly caring for said land and controlling the spread of noxious weeds when noxious weeds are present.


North Dakota has 13 noxious weeds.

Wormwood Rebecca Wanner
Rebecca Wanner
  • Absinth Wormwood
  • Canada Thistle
  • Dalmatian Toadflax
  • Diffuse Knapweed
  • Houndstongue
  • Leafy Spurge Rebecca Wanner
    Leafy Spurge Rebecca Wanner
  • Musk Thistle
  • Palmer Amaranth
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Russian Knapweed
  • Saltcedar
  • Spotted Knapweed
  • Yellow Toadflax
  • Now, one may not be able to identify all of these by sight.  So if there is something mysterious growing in the backyard, or giving off a pungent scent, or is just plain un-slightly; give your local county agent a call.  They will be more than happy to come to your location, investigate, and offer solutions!

    Field of Leafy Spurge Rebecca Wanner
    Field of Leafy Spurge
    Rebecca Wanner

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