There's always been something special about a "Harvest Full Moon".

The Harvest Moon of course refers to the full moon that falls closest to the start of the fall equinox.  Fall officially begins this weekend, by the way, Saturday, September 23rd.

I have very fond memories of "Harvest Moons" mainly from my hunting and fishing adventures over the years.  There's something very special about being up way before the crack of dawn and setting up decoys while the Harvest Moon illuminates the early morning sky.

Same with fishing, full moons in general seem to bring some of the best fishing of the season, but the Harvest Moon is usually on a whole new level.  This fish practically seems to jump in the boat.

Well, this year's Harvest Moon is also going to be the FINAL supermoon of the year.

According to an article from the Insider, a supermoon is 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon.

So, what causes a supermoon to appear larger and brighter?  According to NASA, it's because the moon is at its closest point to Earth, named the perigee.

This supermoon will likely be colorful.

Red blood moon Full moon

The Harvest Moon tends to have a deep yellow, orange, or even red color (especially when it first rises from the horizon).  Smoke or other atmospheric conditions can also affect this.

Get out your camera and don't miss this supermoon.  Although it won't be quite as bright as last month's Blue Supermoon, it promises to put on quite the spectacle.

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