Kip Moore is set to release a 7-track acoustic EP in November, and the first taste off the new project is a toe-tapping anthem of days gone by with a feel-good vibe. Readers can press play above to hear "Tennessee Boy," a tender and nostalgic throw back to times when life was a little more simple.

Moore says the folky guitar riff that he came up with needed lyrics to match. “...It immediately made my soul feel good,” Moore tells Esquire. “I knew the lyric and melody had to match what the guitar was doing ... It took me back to growing up. I was like, that's what we have to capture."

"Tennessee boy gonna sip a little shine / Sip a little shine / Tennessee boy / Twist off the lid like grandad did / Let the fiddle make a little mountain noise / All across them rocky tops / Copper stills on shotgun watch / Apple Pie and Lemon Drop / Dropping down like rain," Moore sings as the song opens. The song opens up painting a picture of a backwoods lifestyle in the deep south.

“I was telling [songwriter Dan Couch] a story about laying on the hood of a girl named Gretchen’s Honda Accord out in the woods in South Georgia," Moore recalls of the songwriting process for "Tennessee Boy". "We were listening to Van Morrison’s "Moondance" and we were wine-drunk and started dancing all around. That was my introduction to that carefree-love feeling.”

"Tennessee Boy" captures that carefree spirit and the basic needs of such a lifestyle in the chorus before an acoustic bridge: "And who-oo, who needs money / Got a few good friends and a real good honey / And oo-oo that's about all you need / And oo-oo soak it up / There's a whole lotta magic in a Dixie cup / And oo-oo, and if you ask me / That's about all you need."

Moore's acoustic EP, Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions will be out Nov. 16, but is available for pre-order now.

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